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Functional food

The vital power of the edible tropical plant is introduced into the cell ,and body of the person .
Health-------It is one of the conditions of important human life. .
Now , what we should seek is a new understanding of our selves as a part of
Nature .
Even as much as science and technology have progressed , the health of human
beings is connected intimately with the law of nature .
As our ancestors had done consecutively since the ancient times , absorbing
the great vital power of Mother Nature .
That's what we call "sickness is healed by yourself " this is the perfectly
natural life-style .

Anyone can work on the vital power that is concealed within the body
Originally , the power to heal sickness was within our body .
If we can enhance this immune activity that is one of a self defense function , We'll discover new possibilities .
The functional food " BIO NORMALIZER " was born from this thought .
The crude material is papaya from an edible tropical plant .
Tropical plants flourish , even in the strongest sunlight .
We succeeded in taking out this strong vital power from the plants by fermenting and long maturing them .
Through this process , Bio Normalizer was born .
The vital power of the Bio Normalizer goes directly into the cell of the person , .
And this vital power leads to a healthy body .
Functional food " BIO NORMALIZER " is recognized around the world .

90g (30sticks)
Granulated type
One Box \ 7.350 = $70

Developer of Bio Normalizer
Academician Professor James Akira Osato Ph.D.
President of Osato Research Institute
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